MCAT Review

Dates: January 2-29, 2020

Meets: See attachment to registration confirmation for full schedule

Tuition Fee: $1,350.00

Sorry, we are no longer accepting registrations for this course. Please contact our office to find out if it will be rescheduled, or if alternative classes are available.

Johns Hopkins is pleased to announce the University's MCAT REVIEW COURSE, which will be held during January Intersession, 2021, on weekday evenings and Saturday mornings via ZOOM. This course is an essential alternative to a commercial test preparation course and near half the price.

Hurry! REGISTRATION closes on Monday, December 21 at 6 p.m.

The course is offered by the Odyssey Program at Johns Hopkins, and was developed in close consultation with the Pre-Professional Advising Office. It offers an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to the MCAT, using materials created by veteran instructors, the AAMC, and Examkrackers.

The course is directed by Thomas Crain, Senior Lecturer at Johns Hopkins, who has directed MCAT courses for the Odyssey program for over a decade. Additional instructors include Dr. Richard Shingles, professor of biology at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Barbara Smith, former professor of psychology at both Johns Hopkins and Goucher College, and author of the book The Psychology of Sex and Gender, Dr. Reid Mumford, Department of Physics & Astronomy at JHU, and Dr. Wendy Olson, formerly of the Chemistry Dept., UMBC.

The course will provide thorough familiarity with the MCAT and its objectives; a review of the content areas that the test covers (chemistry, biology, physics, psychology and sociology); test-taking strategies and tips geared toward this 7.5-hour exam; and ample practice with sample problem sets and comprehension passages, including the opportunity to take official AAMC practice tests. As one former Hopkins student commented: It was a fantastic way to study for the MCAT, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I have yet to hear of another MCAT course that focuses on teaching the actual material and uses actual university professors. — Billy Scola (2016 student)


M-F, 6-9 p.m. + 4 Sats. A double session, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., is scheduled for Sat., Jan. 11. The full-day practice test on Sat., Jan. 25 will be conducted in a computer lab. Students will receive the official practice test with an authorization code when they purchase "The Complete Official MCAT Prep Bundle" from There are 2 required texts: "Examkrackers: MCAT Complete Study Package," 11th ed., by Jonathan Orsay, available from; and AAMC "The Complete Official MCAT Prep Bundle" (the "bundle" includes the Offical Practice Test and other resources); available through
Fee: $1,350.00

Thomas Crain

Thomas Crain, M.A./A.B.D., Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University.

Jonathan (Reid) Mumford

Jonathan Mumford (Reid), Ph.D., is Instructional Resource Advisor, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Wendy Olson

Wendy Olson, Ph.D., Chemistry Department, UMBC.

Richard Shingles

Richard Shingles, Ph.D., has been a half-time Lecturer in Biology at JHU since January 2005, primarily responsible for the General Biology 1 and 2 lecture courses. He has taught Advanced Biochemistry in the Advanced Academic Programs and the Pre-College course "Introduction to Biological Molecules" at Johns Hopkins from 1997-present. Dr. Shingles has been involved with the MCAT Preparation course at Johns Hopkins since 2001.

Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith has a Ph.D. in psychology and is the author of a textbook, Psychology of Sex and Gender. She has taught psychology at both Johns Hopkins University and at Goucher College.
Date Day Time Location
01/02/2020Thursday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/03/2020Friday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/04/2020Saturday10 AM to 1 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/06/2020Monday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/07/2020Tuesday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/08/2020Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/09/2020Thursday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/10/2020Friday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/11/2020Saturday9 AM to 4 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/13/2020Monday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/14/2020Tuesday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/15/2020Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM Bloomberg 165-A
01/16/2020Thursday6 PM to 9 PM Bloomberg 165-A
01/17/2020Friday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/18/2020Saturday10 AM to 1 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/20/2020Monday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/21/2020Tuesday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/22/2020Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM Bloomberg 165-A
01/23/2020Thursday6 PM to 9 PM Bloomberg 165-A
01/24/2020Friday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/25/2020Saturday9:30 AM to 4:30 PM Shaffer Hall 1
01/27/2020Monday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/28/2020Tuesday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311
01/29/2020Wednesday6 PM to 9 PM Hodson Hall 311


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